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Regulations and Technical Guidance

Important Note:
The regulations posted here have been revised with the goal of making all Division of Materials Management regulations available in an internet-compatible format to both DEC employees and the general public. While they are believed to be accurate, they are in differing formats and are not official copies of the regulations. The regulations filed with the Secretary of State, as printed by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, are the official source for NYSDEC regulations.

6 NYCRR Part 360 Solid Waste Management Facilities coverEnvironmental Conservation Law

The ECL declares the policy of New York to conserve, improve and protect its natural resources and environment.

Listed below are selected sections of the ECL for use with the Division's Regulations.

ECL 23-2307 - Used oil retention facilities required; installation and maintenance; posting of notice. Contained in Title 23, Rerefining of Used Oil

ECL 27-0908 - Hazardous waste reduction plans. Contained in Title 9, Industrial Hazardous Waste Management.

Article 33 and Portions of Article 15 and 71 - Pesticides, seizure and enforcement

Pesticide Reporting Law

The Pesticide Reporting Law (PRL) was enacted on July 8, 1996. The Law includes amendments to the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL), Public Health Law, Tax Law, and State Finance Law.

Technical Guidance

The Division of Materials Management maintains a series of technical guidance documents that provide assistance to Department staff and the regulated community in interpreting and applying regulations and statutes and to assure that program uniformity is maintained throughout the state.

Guidance documents are currently issued under the title of Program Policies. Previously they were entitled "Technical Administrative Guidance Memorandum" or TAGMs. Guidance issued as TAGMs will remain under that title until updating is required and will then be reissued as Program Policies.

Guidance documents cannot impose new requirements beyond those contained in existing regulations or statutes. In addition, nothing set forth in a guidance document prevents Department staff from varying from that guidance as specific circumstances may dictate, provided the staff's actions comply with applicable statutory and regulatory authority.

Any questions on technical guidance should be directed to the Program and Analysis Section at (518) 402-8678.

Other Guidance documents in this division

Hazardous Waste Reduction Plans, Annual Status Reports & Biennial Updates

Regulated Medical Waste - Treatment, Storage, Containment, Transport and Disposal

Storm Debris Handling & Disposal

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