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Part 621 Express Terms

Underlines contained in the text of the express terms denote new material. Brackets [ ] indicate material to be deleted.

6 NYCRR §§ 621.1(b), 621.4(b), and 621.11(c)(2) are modified in part as follows:

§ 621.1 Applicability

. . . .

(b) Water [Supply] Withdrawals, ECL article 15 title 15 (implemented by 6 NYCRR Parts 601 and 602): including certain Long Island water wells;

§ 621.4 Requirements for specific permit applications.

. . . .

(b) Water [Supply] Withdrawals and Long Island Wells, permits under Parts 601 and 602 of this Title, article 15 title 15 of the ECL:

. . . .

(2) Minor water [supply] withdrawal projects include:

(i) with respect to a public water supply, the extension of a water district or other service area to an existing facility, or a proposed facility having all required approvals from involved regulatory entities where present sources of supply are adequate to serve the proposed extension area and where the additional area does not exceed 50 percent of the size of the previously approved area;

. . . .

(iii) changes in ownership of a water [supply]withdrawal system, including acquisitions of private systems by a town or county water district;

. . . .

(v) [acquisition and use, in an existing approved system, of a supplemental supply taken from another approved system having a demonstrated surplus]applications for initial permits pursuant to article 15 title 15 of the ECL and 6 NYCRR Subpart 601.7.

(3) Minor Long Island well projects include:

. . . .

(iv) a well with a permanently installed pump, to be used for fire protection purposes only; and

[(v) acquisition and use, in an existing approved system, of a supplemental supply from another approved system having a demonstrated surplus supply; and]

(v) [(vi)] replacement of a well with an equivalent well in the same aquifer having a capacity not more than 110 percent of the original.

(4) Permit term: The maximum permit term for permits identified in this subdivision is 10 years[:

(i) 10 years for approved groundwater sources on Long Island; or

(ii) an indefinite term for all other approvals].

§ 621.11 Applications for permit renewals, reissuances and modifications, including transferring or relinquishing permits.


(c)(2) Transfer of permits is not allowed for water [supply] withdrawal permits or waste transporter permits including LLRW transporter permits. These activities require the submission of a new application by the proposed new permittee.

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