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List of Acronyms for Rules and Regulations Identified in DER-10

  1. "CFR" stands for the Code of Federal Regulations
  2. "NYCRR" stands for the Official Compilation of New York Code, Rules and Regulations
  3. "OSWER" stands for the USEPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
  4. "PWS" stands for Public Water Supply
  5. "RCRA" stands for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  6. "SCGs" stands for standards, criteria and guidance
  7. "SPDES" stands for State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  8. "SPOTS" stands for Spill Prevention Operational and Technical Series
  9. "STARS" stands for Spill Technology and Remediation Series
  10. "TAGM" stands for Technical and Administrative Guidance Memorandum
  11. "TOGS" stands for Technical and Operational Guidance Series
  12. "UIC" stands for Underground Injection Control
  13. "USC" stands for United States Code
  14. "USEPA" stands for United States Environmental Protection Agency

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