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Guidance Memoranda

During the 1970's, the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation established a formal series of memoranda (entitled Organization & Delegation Memoranda) that encompassed three separate categories: Policy, Delegation, and Assignment. Although many of the memoranda have been superseded by the DEC (Commissioner) Policy System that was introduced on May 29, 1996 or otherwise have been rescinded, a number are still in use.

Several of the Organization & Delegation ("O&D") Memoranda continue to provide guidance with respect to hearing procedures in the Office of Hearings and Mediation Services. These include the following:

O&D Memo #84-10 March 22, 1984 "Adjudicatory Hearings: Avoiding Ex Parte Communications within the Department" (PDF Version 245 kb)

O&D Memo #85-06 February 11, 1985 "Development and Use of Draft Permit Conditions in Permit Hearings" (PDF Version 246 kb)

O&D Memo #90-04 February 13, 1990 "Governor's New Executive Order on Administrative Adjudication" (PDF Version 381 kb)

O&D Memo #94-13 May 5, 1994 "Effect of Stipulations on Decision-Making in Permit and Enforcement Hearings" (supercedes O&D Memo #85-13) (PDF Version 177 kb)

O&D Memo #95-30 November 7, 1995 "The Conduct of Legislative Hearings" (PDF Version 44 kb)

Copies of each of the O&D Memoranda are linked to this page.

If you have questions regarding these documents, please feel free to contact Louis A. Alexander, Assistant Commissioner for Hearings and Mediation Services ([518] 402-8537) or James T. McClymonds, Chief Administrative Law Judge for the Office of Hearings and Mediation Services ([518] 402-9003).

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