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Officer On Patrol April 2005

Mountain Lion Sighting - Albany County

Investigators Canfield and Conroy, along with ECO Canzeri, took notice of a photo advertisement in a classified newspaper. The ad displayed a mountain lion mount offered for sale for $1,400. The investigators made arrangements to meet the advertiser to "purchase" the illegal mount. On the day of the meeting, ECO Canzeri waited some distance away. After the money was exchanged, the investigators gave ECO Canzeri the signal to move in and make the arrest. Tickets were issued for offering a protected species for sale and for the illegal commercialization of wildlife. The defendant paid a $500 fine and was court-ordered to pay for an educational ad in the same newspaper in which he had offered the mount for sale. The mount was forfeited and donated to an educational program.

He Asked What?-Hamilton County

ECOs delaRosa and Dempster were driving to a training site in Indian Lake at around 9 AM. A pick-up truck with two occupants pulled out of a driveway in front of them. The truck pulled over to the shoulder after travelling about 200 yards. The driver's window came down, and out the window came the driver's hand-holding a foaming can of beer. After the ECOs pulled over and approached the truck, ECO Dempster asked where the opened beer can was. The driver replied he had thrown it out the window because it was foaming all over his lap. As the passenger exited the truck to retrieve the beer can, ECO delaRosa issued the driver tickets for possessing an open container in a vehicle and for littering. As ECO delaRosa wrote the tickets, the driver of the pick-up asked for a break because he was concerned the incident "might jeopardize his job teaching driver's education."

Operation Trout-Suffolk County

In the early morning hours of Mother's Day, DEC wildlife biologist Tom Jurczak and ECO Pleakis responded to a nuisance bear complaint in the City of Olean. The City Of Olean Police Department had received calls reporting sightings of the 300-pound bear throughout the night. The bear was eventually found-in a tree adjacent to a large parking lot-and was given a chance to wander out of the city on its own, but would not cooperate. As the sun came up, a crowd gathered at the perimeter of the parking lot. DEC staff decided to dart the bear and remove it from the city. Jurczak used a tranquilizer gun to put the bear to sleep. With the cooperation of the police department, Olean EMTs "back-boarded" the sleeping bear and easily put the animal into the DEC vehicle. The bear was taken to local State Forest Land and was released unharmed.

Real stories from officers in the field
Compiled by Bob Lucas
Director of Law Enforcement

- This article was taken from the Conservationist, April 2005 Issue

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