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Officer On Patrol February 2005

Seal of Approval-Bronx County

ECO Komonchak heard a call for assistance regarding a stranded seal on Orchard Beach. Upon her arrival, she saw a juvenile harbor seal stuck in thick mud near the shore-a common occurrence for seals seeking food near shore during low tide. The seal was breathing and appeared healthy. Marine Unit ECOs Lestrad and Vinski provided assistance and the Riverhead Marine Stranded Mammal Program was contacted for guidance. A short time later, as a crowd of onlookers gathered, an NYPD Emergency Service Unit truck arrived as well. Using a "Stoke's" basket borrowed from the NYPD, the wayward seal was carried by the ECOs to deeper waters and freedom. As the seal was released, the crowd clapped and the seal kicked up its back flippers, as if to acknowledge a job well done.

Read Your Regulations Guide- Broome County

ECO Fernandes received a complaint of a turkey being taken out of season. Fernandes went to the scene and found no physical evidence of a turkey being taken. He then went to the residence of the alleged shooter and spoke to a subject regarding the incident. The subject said that he would not shoot a turkey because the season was closed, but admitted shooting a pheasant. He retrieved the pheasant from his vehicle and showed it to the officer. ECO Fernandes informed the subject that pheasant season was also closed and issued the appropriate ticket.

Stuffed-Westchester County

On December 20, ECO Basford observed three men ice fishing on the Kensico Reservoir. The ECO watched from a distance as the trio caught one fish after another. After 15 minutes they picked up their fish, placed them in plastic bags, and stuffed them inside their coats. Once they got off the ice, ECO Basford asked to see their fish. Each of them showed him a bag of fish they had in their sleds and denied having any other fish in their possession. The ECO patted down each of the men and found a bag of fish on each containing undersized crappie and black bass. ECO Basford issued three tickets to each of the gentlemen for having over-the-limit bluegill, taking black bass out of season, and for possessing undersized crappie.

Telltale Arrow-Livingston County

On the Saturday night before the southern zone gun season, New York State Trooper Karasiewicz stopped a pick-up truck in Leicester after witnessing a spotlight being operated from the passenger window. When he approached the vehicle, Trooper Karasiewicz spotted two subjects laying very still in the bed of the truck, and two men in the cab. Both subjects in the truck bed were in possession of compound bows. The Trooper seized the bows and advised the men that an ECO would later pay them a visit for the violation of spotlighting while possessing a bow. Trooper Karasiewicz and ECO Thomas planned to visit the subjects and issue tickets. Before a time could be arranged, Letchworth State Park Police contacted the officers and advised them that a park visitor had located a hunting arrow near where Trooper Karasiewicz had made the spotlighting stop. The officers recovered the arrow, which was covered in deer blood, hair and fat. A comparison with the seized archery equipment revealed a match. Armed with that additional information, ECO Thomas and Trooper Karasiewicz interviewed the owner of the matching equipment. The man confessed to shooting a deer from the pick-up truck while spotlighting. Additional confessions were obtained from all other parties involved. Tickets were issued for taking a deer out of season, using an artificial light while in possession of a bow, and taking wildlife with the aid of a motor vehicle.

Real stories from officers in the field
Compiled by Bob Lucas
Director of Law Enforcement

- This article was taken from the Conservationist, February 2005 Issue

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