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Spill Guidance Manual (SGM)

Section 1

1.1 Spill Reporting and Initial Notification Requirements (34 page PDF, 87 KB)

  • Notification Requirements
  • Enforcement of Spiller Responsibility
  • Access and Right-of-Entry

1.2 Contractor Selection and Call Out

  • Information in this section has been revised. Please contact the department at (518) 402-9543.

1.3 Emergency Response (94 page PDF, 598 KB)

  • Fire and Safety Hazards
  • Confining and Containing Releases
  • Emergency Communications

1.4 Site Investigation Procedures (109 page PDF, 881 KB)

1.5 Corrective Plans and Responsible Party Reports (8 page PDF, 39 KB)

1.6 Corrective Action (153 Page PDF, 455 KB)

  • Exposure and Risk Assessment
  • Free Product in Structures, Sewers, and Underground Utility Lines
  • Vapors in Structures, Sewers, and Underground Utility Lines
  • Free Product on Soil Surface
  • Free Product on Water Surface
  • Corrective Action (part 2) (126 Page PDF, 547 KB)
  • Soil Remediation
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Alternative Water Supplies
  • Frequently asked questions about The Division's Guidance Values for Site Cleanup

1.7 Closing-Out a Spill (26 page PDF, 197 KB)

Section 2

2.1 Personal Health and Safety Protection (71 page PDF, 1.15 MB)

2.2 Equipment Training, Calibration, and Maintenance (47 page PDF, 817 KB)

2.3 Proper Management of Spill Residuals and Debris (26 page PDF, 218 KB)

  • The Division's Guidance on Petroleum Contaminated Soil Disposal and Reuse is STARS #1 and #2

2.4 Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures (16 page PDF, 57 KB)

2.5 Public Participation and Media Relations (4 page PDF, 22 KB)

Section 3

3.1 Synopsis of Spill Management and Cleanup Technologies (149 page PDF, 864 KB)

3.2 Transport and Storage Vessels (78 page PDF, 847 KB)

Section 4

4.1 Case Documentation (39 page PDF, 196 KB)

4.2 State Contractor Oversight (5 pages PDF, 61 KB)

4.3 Preparation of Payment Packages

  • Information in this section has been revised please contact the department at (518) 402-9764 for information.


All regulation links leave DEC website.

A. Petroleum Bulk Storage Requirements

B. Chemical Bulk Storage Requirements

C. CERCLA Reporting Requirements (see off-site link on right)

D. New York SARA Title III and the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Programs State Implementation Memorandum (7 page PDF, 26 KB)

E. Ambient Water Quality Standards (TOG 1.1.1)

F. Ground-Water Contamination Remediation Strategy (TOG 2.1.1)

G. 10 NYCRR, Part 170 - Sources of Water Supply (see off-site link on right)

H. 10 NYCRR, Part 5 - Drinking Water Supplies (see off-site link on right)

I. Tests or Analytical Determinations

J. Solicitation of Quotes: Whole House Water Treatment System & Detailed Specifications (17 page PDF, 571 KB)

K. Guidelines for Replacement of a Single Water Supply (9 page PDF, 35 KB)

L. Access and Right-of-Entry and Enforcement Guidance for Penalties (18 page PDF, 298 KB)

M. Relevant Sections of New York Navigation Law, New York Environmental Law, and Petroleum Bulk Storage Regulations for Penalty Recommendations (9 page PDF, 34 KB)

N. Sample Collection Protocols (35 page PDF, 600 KB)

O. Generic Health & Safety Plan (9 page PDF, 29 KB)

P. Recognition & Treatment of Heat and Cold Stress (8 page PDF, 34 KB)

Q. New York Identification and Listing of Hazardous Wastes

R. Hazardous Materials Definitions (4 page PDF, 1.0 MB)

S. Hazardous Materials Warning Placards (3 page PDF, 697 KB)

T. Guide for Markings (11 page PDF, 391 KB)

U. Hazardous Materials Shipping Papers (11 page PDF, 283 KB)

V. DOT Specification Cylinders Shipping Containers (5 page PDF, 767 KB)

W. NYSDEC Oil Spill Data Base Dictionary (24 Page PDF, 61 KB)

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