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Pre and Post Season Campground Operation (File #132)

A combination of open, closed, and limited use facilities are as follows:

  • Open facilities - carefully selected on the basis of historical popularity with the best opportunity to generate revenue. Minimum but adequate staff to meet public demand and maintain user control, i.e., no lifeguards, closed camping loops, etc. "THE EXTENT OF SPRING AND FALL OPERATING SEASONS is dependent upon funding, and schedules will be determined based on historical popularity and the allocation of funds."
  • Closed facilities - posted as closed with signs directing campers to the nearest open facility. When a campground is closed, camping will be prohibited and vehicle access barricaded wherever possible.
  • Limited use facilities - in cases where the only public access to a body of water is through the campground, access may be maintained to the boat launch facilities. However, camping will be prohibited, and wherever possible access barricaded. Where access to the authorized campgrounds is completely blocked by ice and snow, barricades may be dropped to accommodate winter recreation. Other campground use will be determined on a case by case basis at selected facilities based on public demand and adequate funding.

When decisions have been made regarding all operating seasons, the public will be notified by appropriate means.

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