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Officer on Patrol Articles

New York State Environmental Conservation Police Officers are police officers sworn to uphold the laws of New York State with an emphasis on the Environmental Conservation Law and wildlife protection. Read their stories in "Officer On Patrol", a series of articles from the NYS Conservationist magazine. Download the pdf versions of the files below to view the articles with original formatting and graphics.

In October 2005, a special feature, "Standing Watch - 125 Years of Conservation Law Enforcement in New York State" ran in place of the usual Officer on Patrol article. Learn about the great traditions behind today's Environmental Conservation Police Officers. This article is available in both HTML and PDF formats.

Officer On Patrol Articles, available in both HTML and PDF formats
HTML Version PDF Version
April 2006 April 2006, PDF (193 kb)
February 2006 February 2006, PDF (191 kb)
December 2005 December 2005, PDF (163 kb)
August 2005 August 2005, PDF (152 kb)
June 2005 June 2005, PDF (132 kb)
April 2005 April 2005, PDF (130 kb)
February 2005 February 2005, PDF (130 kb)

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