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Environmental Permits and Pollution Prevention Guidance Documents

Division of Environmental Permits Program Policies

Assessing and Mitigating Noise Impacts (PDF) (107 KB)

Assessing and Mitigating Visual Impacts (PDF) (323 KB)

Pollution Prevention

The Pollution Prevention Unit has prepared a number of guidance documents to provide pollution prevention tips that will help you to reduce your environmental impact. These documents also assist the regulated community to be in compliance with regulations that impact their business sector.

We also have guidance documents that will assist you in:

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment in New York State web page contains information for practitioners and the general public relating to the NYS Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR; Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law). In addition to the SEQR regulations, the site provides links to documents that provide information on how impact assessments should be conducted. Many of the posted references are electronic versions of materials also available in hard copy. Some of the available documents address the formal steps in SEQR, for example, the SEQR Cookbook and SEQR Flow Chart and Time Frames. Others provide interpretation of SEQR's application in specific circumstances, for example, the SEQR Handbook, Local Official's Guide to SEQR, or Citizen's Guide to SEQR. Spanish versions of several of these basic SEQR references are also posted. Finally, several technical references provide advice on assessing or mitigating specific classes of impacts, such as policies on Assessing Visual Impacts and Assessing Noise Impacts, plus links to a range of stormwater management information.

Guidance for Applicants Seeking Permits Subject to the Uniform Procedures Act (UPA)

Information and guidance on obtaining permits under numerous regulatory programs of the Department are provided. Identification of permit jurisdictions, application content requirements, and Department review and decision making procedures are contained in publications and guidance materials. The procedural and substantive provisions of UPA are detailed in multiple publications and policies. See:

  • Permit Profiles
  • Applicant's Guides and Brochures
  • Application Guidance for UPA Permits
  • Policy Documents

Draft Environmental Audit Incentive Policy (PDF) (295 KB)

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