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Adopted Part 257 Assessment of Public Comments

Comments received from July 17, 2019 through 5 pm September 23, 2019

Comment 1: "The Conservation Advisory Council of the City of Kingston (CAC) submitted the following comment regarding the proposed repeal of parts of the Part 257-3 Air Quality Standards (suspended particulates)." "Moving toward lowering the allowable NYS annual and 24-hour standard concentrations is laudable, as the current NYS standards are far above protective levels. The Kingston CAC requests that the NYS DEC not repeal Part 257-3, but instead move to make the standards more stringent than those of EPA, in order to protect the health of NYS residents. This would include:

  • Setting a DEC annual standard of less than 12 ug/m3, and preferably lower, as indicated by the WHO recommendations and the public health studies.
  • Setting an annual standard for PM 2.5 of less than 35 ug/m3, and preferably lower, for the same reasons." Commenter 1

Response to Comment 1: Thank you for your interest in the improvement of air quality throughout New York State. The purpose of this rulemaking was to repeal air monitoring requirements for air contaminants that have been superseded by federal regulation or were outdated. Department staff follow the latest research and epidemiological studies reporting on the health effects of fine particulate and understand your concerns. If, in the future, the Department determines that developing a new standard for fine particulate is necessary, the Department will undertake a rulemaking at that time.

List of Commenters:

1. Julie Noble (City of Kingston Conservation Advisory Council)

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