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Adopted Part 257 Air Quality Standards Express Terms

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, Sections 1-0101, 1-0303, 3-0301, 19-0103, 19-0105, 19-0107, 19-0301, 19-0303, 19-0305, 71-2103, 71-2105)

Subdivision 257-1.2(b) is repealed.

The remainder of Subpart 257-1 remains unchanged.

Subpart 257-2 remains unchanged.

Subdivision 257-3.3(a) and (b) are repealed. Subdivisions 257-3.3 (c) through (f) are re-lettered 257-3.3(a) through (d).

Subdivision 257-3.3(f) is amended to read as follows:

[(f)] (d) The standards in subdivisions [(c), (d) and (e)] (a), (b) and (c) of this section are intended for enforcement purposes, and monitoring will be performed only as required in a particular area. For prediction purposes, prediction of conformity with the annual geometric mean standard shall be sufficient to demonstrate predicted conformity with these standards.

Section 257-3.4 remains unchanged.

Section 257-3.5 is amended to read as follows:

(a) Concentration of suspended particulates is determined [gravimetrically by the use of high-volume sampling techniques by drawing air through a filter for 24 hours and is expressed in micrograms of suspended particulate per cubic meter of air (µg/m3)] by the federal reference methods found in 40 CFR Part 50 Appendices J, K and L (See Table 1, Section 200.9) or another method acceptable to the Commissioner. Specifications for equipment and filter media shall conform to standards acceptable to the commissioner.

(b) Concentration of settleable particulates or dustfall is determined gravimetrically by the collection of the settleable particulate in a vessel with a defined surface area reported as cm2 [in a one-gallon glass jar without a lid. Area on which the particles have settled is computed from the inside diameter of the jar mouth.] The results are expressed as milligrams of settleable particulate per square centimeter per month (mg/cm2/mo).

Subdivision 257-3.6(a) remains unchanged

Paragraph 257-3.6(b)(1) is repealed.

Paragraphs 257-3.6(b)(2) though (5) are renumbered 257-3.6(b)(1) through (4).

Subparts 257-4 through 257-7 are repealed.

Subpart 257-8 is renumbered 257-4

Section 257-8.1 is renumbered 257-4.1 and amended to read as follows:

The term fluorides refers to a heterogeneous group of compounds formed from the highly reactive, nonmetallic gaseous element known as fluorine. For the purpose of this Subpart, the term fluoride will include material that tests as fluoride by [the method specified or other] methods acceptable to the commissioner.

Section 257-8.2 is repealed.

Section 257-8.3 is renumbered 257-4.2

Section 257-8.4 is renumbered 257-4.3 and is amended to read as follows:

(a) Total fluorides in and on forage shall be determined by [fusion of a representative sample by the Schoniger flash oxygen combustion method and analysis by specific ion electrode* or other] methods acceptable to the commissioner.

(b) Gaseous fluorides in air will be collected and analyzed by methods acceptable to the commissioner.

Footnote will be repealed


[* Standard Method For Fluorides From Vegetation, New York State Department of Health, Division of Labs. & Research, August, 1970 (or subsequent revision). ppb = 0.82 µg/m3 as F.]

Subpart 257-9 is repealed.

Subpart 257-10 is renumbered 257-5

Sections 257-10.1 through 257-10.4 are renumbered 257-5.1 through 257-5.4

Renumbered section 257-5.3 is amended as follows:

Applicable in all levels. In any one-hour period, the average concentration of hydrogen sulfide shall not exceed [0.01] 0.010 ppm (14 µg/m3).

Renumbered section 257-5.4 is amended as follows:

(a) Hydrogen sulfide is determined by the [Cadmium Hydroxide-Methylene Blue method] methods acceptable to the commissioner and expressed as parts of hydrogen sulfide per million parts of ambient air (ppm) by volume.

(b) All measurements are corrected to a reference temperature of 25 degrees Centigrade and to a reference pressure of 760 millimeters of mercury.

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