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Revised Job Impact Statement 6 NYCRR Parts 232 and 200

1. Nature of impact:

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) is proposing to repeal and replace existing 6 NYCRR Part 232, entitled "Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Facilities" to: update outdated provisions; add new components to improve compliance and program delivery; and address advancements in technology and the industry regarding the use of alternative dry cleaning equipment.

The proposed amendments to the regulations may impact jobs and employment opportunities in New York State.

2. Categories and numbers affected:

There are 17 business owners that are still operating 22 third generation perc dry cleaning machines that will have to discontinue operation of these machines prior to December 31, 2021. Phased-out third generation perc dry cleaning machines may be sold out of state or properly disposed of as scrap metal. To continue in business, owners would have to purchase and install new or "like new" compliant alternative solvent machines, new compliant perc dry cleaning machines or wet cleaning equipment. However, as noted above, affected facilities may minimize these compliance costs by selling noncompliant perc machines out of state or properly disposing of them as scrap metal.

There are ten facility owners still operating alternative solvent transfer equipment that must phase-out: all dip tanks, drying cabinets, vented waterproofing operations and uncontrolled dryers by December 31, 2021; solvent recovery dryers that are equipped with a water cooled condenser by December 31, 2026; and all remaining alternative solvent transfer machines by December 31, 2031. Should these facilities wish to continue dry cleaning operations on-site, they must purchase compliant equipment. All phase-out dates are after the "typical" 15 year useful life of the equipment.

Although not a result of this proposed rulemaking and due to the future federal ban, there are 315 co-located residential perc dry cleaners (approx. 315 statewide, 290 of which are in New York City) that will be required to purchase and install wet cleaning equipment or alternative solvent dry cleaning equipment, become drop shops or, alternatively, shut down prior to December 21, 2020.

3. Regions of adverse impact:

Roughly 57% of the existing perc dry cleaning facilities are in New York City. This is followed by approximately 23% on Long Island and roughly 15% in the mid to lower Hudson Valley, leaving about 5% spread throughout the rest of the state.

4. Minimizing adverse impact:

To help off-set the adverse economic impact on affected dry cleaners, the Department proposes to grant variances to allow the relocation of used compliant fourth generation perc dry cleaning machines, less than 10 years old, to any stand-alone location under the same ownership.

Unless a facility is relocating, in order to comply with this phase-out, the regulation will allow the installation of new compliant machines or used alternative solvent machines that are less than five (5) years old and certified by the manufacturer or their representative as being in a "like new" condition. Used compliant alternative solvent machines, less than 10 years old, will be allowed to relocate from a permitted dry cleaning facility and reinstalled at any facility under the same ownership if the facility meets all other applicable requirements and a new or modified air permit is first obtained.

5. Self-employment opportunities:

None that the Department is aware of at this time.

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