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Part 656: Sewage Effluent Standards For Marine Toilets In Watercraft Plying Waters Of The State



§Section 656.1 Standards.

Sewage passing through a marine toilet equipped with a chlorinator or chemical treatment facility from a watercraft underway in waters of the State shall be deemed treated if the undiluted effluent meets the following standards:

Items Specifications
1. Floating solids; settleable solids Removal of substantially all floating and settleable solids which are readily visible and attributable to sewage.
2. Suspended solids Not more than 50 parts per million.
3. 5-day biochemical and chemical oxygen demand. Not more than 50 parts per million.
4. Organisms of the coliform group The median MPN value in any series of samples shall not be in excess of 50 per 100 milliliters.

All other sewage or sewage effluent discharged from watercraft shall be deemed untreated.