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Part 657: Standards Of Safety For Marine Toilets



§657.1 Definitions

The terms watercraft, waters of this State, marine toilet and department are used herein as such terms are defined in section 33-c of the Navigation Law.

§657.2 Types of Marine Toilets Eligible for Approval

Subject to the provisions of sections 657.3 and 657.4 of this Part the following types of marine toilets for use on watercraft may be approved by the department, to wit:

(a) Marine sewage retention assemblies.

(b) Marine sewage recirculating assemblies.

(c) Marine sewage incinerating assemblies.

§657.3 Minimum Safety Requirements for Marine Toilets

The types of marine toilets referred to above, in section 657.2 of this Part shall meet the following safety standards, respectively:

(a) Marine sewage retention assemblies--Yacht Safety Bureau Standard E-45, as amended, dated June 21, 1968, on file in the department.

(b) Marine sewage recirculating assemblies--Yacht Safety Bureau Standard E-49, as amended, dated June 24, 1968, on file in the department.

(c) Marine sewage incinerating assemblies--Yacht Safety Bureau Standard E-52, as amended, dated June 25, 1968, on file in the department.

§657.4 Procedure for Obtaining Departmental Approval for Marine Toilets

Approval of the types of marine toilets referred to above in section 657.2 of this Part shall be granted by the department on receipt of a certification from a laboratory which is currently and customarily engaged in the examination, testing and evaluation of such marine toilet or like device and which maintains adequate staff and facilities to perform such functions and which certification states that said marine toilet has been tested by it and meets the respective minimum safety standard set forth in section 657.3 of this Part. Every such type of marine toilet, which is offered for sale, sold or used on any watercraft, in this State, shall bear an inscription, permanent tag or other permanent writing stating that the said marine toilet which has been previously tested, meets the safety standards set forth in section 657.3 and has been approved by the department.

§657.5 Review and Withdrawal of Approval by the Department

The department may, at any time, require further testing, review test results or terminate approval of any said type of marine toilet hereinabove referred to.