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Part 558: Transportation

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §§ 23-0301, 23-0305(8))

[Effective date: May 1, 1972]

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§558.1 Suspension

No pipeline company or carrier shall transport oil, gas or products purchased or taken from any owner or operator after such pipeline company or carrier has received written notice from the department that the owner or operator involved has been in violation of one or more rules, regulations, orders or amendments thereof of the department, and ordering the suspension of such transportation. Such suspension shall remain in force until the pipeline company or carrier is in receipt of written notice from the department that the violation has ceased, and ordering the reinstatement of transportation.

§558.2 Maps

Neat, legible maps drawn to scale showing the location, size, extensions and any portions abandoned or not used of all pipelines and appurtenant tankage used by the pipeline company or carrier for the transportation of oil, gas or products shall be filed with the department as may be requested but no more often than yearly. This requirement shall not apply to lease lines which are used in the operation of the lease or unit on which located, to any local lines which customarily depend upon gravity (as that term is generally understood in the pipeline industry) for fluid flow, or to any pipeline or appurtenant tankage not located within the State.