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Subpart 380.6: Surveys and Monitoring

(Statutory authority : Environmental Conservation Law, arts. 1, 3, 17, 19, 27, 29, 37)

[Effective February 2, 2002]

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§380-6.1 Surveys required.

Each person shall make or cause to be made, surveys that--

(a) Are necessary to comply with the regulations in this Part; and

(b) Are reasonable under the circumstances to evaluate--

(1) Radiation levels; and

(2) Concentrations or quantities of radioactive material; and

(3) The potential radiological hazards that could be present.

§380-6.2 Calibration of instruments

The person shall ensure that instruments and equipment used for quantitative radiation measurements (e.g., dose rate and effluent monitoring) are calibrated at least annually for the radiation measured.