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Subpart 380.7: Discharge Minimization Programs

(Statutory authority : Environmental Conservation Law, arts. 1, 3, 17, 19, 27, 29, 37)

[Effective February 2, 2002]



§380-7.1 Discharge minimization program required

Each permittee shall develop, document, and implement a discharge minimization program for maintaining discharges of licensed material to the environment as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA). The discharge minimization program:

(a) May be part of the radiation protection (ALARA) program required as part of the license; and

(b) Must be commensurate with the scope and extent of licensed activities and sufficient to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Part.

§380-7.2 Procedures and engineering controls

The permittee shall use, to the extent practicable, procedures and engineering controls based upon sound radiation protection principles to achieve doses to members of the public that are as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA).

§380-7.3 Periodic reviews

The permittee shall, at intervals not to exceed 12 months, review the discharge minimization program content and implementation.