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Subpart 380.8: Records

(Statutory authority : Environmental Conservation Law, arts. 1, 3, 17, 19, 27, 29, 37)

[Effective February 2, 2002]

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§380-8.1 General provisions.

(a) Each person shall use the units of curie, rad, rem, or the SI units of becquerel, gray, sievert, including multiples and subdivisions thereof, and shall clearly indicate the units of all quantities on records required by this Part.

(b) The person shall make a clear distinction among the quantities entered on the records required by this Part (e.g., total effective dose equivalent, shallow-dose equivalent, eye dose equivalent, deep-dose equivalent, committed effective dose equivalent).

(c) The person shall retain the records required by this subpart for 3 years after the record is made, or, until the licensing agency terminates each pertinent license requiring the record, whichever is longer.

§380-8.2 Records of discharge minimization programs.

Each person shall maintain records of the discharge minimization program, including:

(a) The provisions of the program; and

(b) Audits and other reviews of program content and implementation.

§380-8.3 Records of surveys.

(a) Each person shall maintain records showing the results of surveys and calibrations required by Subpart 380-6 of this Part.

(b) The person shall maintain records of the results of measurements and calculations used to evaluate the discharge of radioactive effluents to the environment, including protocols for sample collections and analysis.

§380-8.4 Records of dose to individual members of the public.

Each person shall maintain records sufficient to demonstrate compliance with the dose limit for individual members of the public specified in section 380-5.1 of this Part.

§380-8.5 Records of waste disposal.

Each person shall maintain records of the disposal and discharge of radioactive materials made under Subparts 380-3, 380-4, and 380-7 of this Part, including existing records of burials in soil authorized before April 1985.

§380-8.6 Form of records.

(a) Each record required by this part must be legible throughout the specified retention period. The record may be maintained in the following forms:

(1) original; or

(2) a reproduced copy or a microform, provided that the copy or microform is authenticated by authorized personnel and that the microform is capable of producing a clear copy throughout the required retention period; or

(3) in electronic media with the capability for producing legible, accurate, and complete records during the required retention period.

(b) Records, such as letters, drawings, and specifications, must include all pertinent information, such as stamps, initials, and signatures. The radiation installation shall maintain adequate safeguards against tampering with and loss of records.