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Subpart 383.15: On-Site Environmental Monitors

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, arts. 3, 17, 19, 27, 29)

[Effective Date March 14, 1993]



§383-15.1 Provisions for on-site environmental monitors.

(a) The department will establish on-site environmental monitors as necessary to monitor compliance with the permit for the land disposal facility, to be funded by the permittee, as a condition of the permit.

(b) The permittee must provide access to all regulated areas on-site and adequate office space for the on-site environmental monitors.

§383-15.2 On-site monitoring.

(a) The on-site environmental monitors are authorized to be present on the disposal site to monitor compliance with the permit and the requirements of this Title. The on-site environmental monitors are authorized, at all reasonable times, to inspect waste anywhere on the disposal site and to inspect the premises, equipment, construction materials and activities, operations, and facilities in which wastes are received, possessed, handled, treated, stored, or disposed.

(b) Upon reasonable notice and the request of the on-site environmental monitors, the permittee must provide to the on-site environmental monitors portions of any samples collected by the permittee.

(c) Upon reasonable notice, the permittee must make available to the on-site environmental monitors any records kept by it pursuant to this Part. The on-site environmental monitors may inspect any such records and/or may copy and take away copies of them for the department's use.

(d) No waste may be inspected, accepted for disposal, treated, or placed in a disposal unit unless an on-site environmental monitor is present on the disposal site.

(e) The on-site environmental monitors will independently perform inspections of all waste received to determine compliance with Part 381 of this Title.