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Part 211: General Prohibitions

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §§ 3-0301, 19-0301, 19-0303)

[Filed 7/12/83. Effective 30 days after filing. Amendment filed 9/21/10. Effective 1/1/11.]

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For administrative information about this posting, contact: Division of Air Resources. The Bureau of Stationary Sources at (518) 402-8403 is the contact for technical questions pertaining to this rule.



§211.1 Air pollution prohibited

No person shall cause or allow emissions of air contaminants to the outdoor atmosphere of such quantity, characteristic or duration which are injurious to human, plant or animal life or to property, or which unreasonably interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property. Notwithstanding the existence of specific air quality standards or emission limits, this prohibition applies, but is not limited to, any particulate, fume, gas, mist, odor, smoke, vapor, pollen, toxic or deleterious emission, either alone or in combination with others.

§211.2 Visible emissions limited

Except as permitted by a specific part of this Subchapter and for open fires for which a restricted burning permit has been issued, no person shall cause or allow any air contamination source to emit any material having an opacity equal to or greater than 20 percent (six minute average) except for one continuous six-minute period per hour of not more than 57 percent opacity.