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Section 3.2: Native Turtles

[Adopted February 20, 2008]



§3.2 Native Turtles

(a) "Definition." For purposes of this section, "native turtles" shall mean all life stages, including eggs, of the following species: snapping turtle, common musk turtle, eastern mud turtle, spotted turtle, bog or Muhlenberg's turtle, wood turtle, eastern box turtle, common map turtle, painted turtle, Blanding's turtle, green sea turtle, Atlantic hawksbill sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, Atlantic or Kemp's ridley sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, and eastern spiny softshell turtle.

(b) Snapping turtles.

(1) "Open season." July 15 to September 30.

(2) "Size limit." Minimum length: 12 inches. No person shall harvest, take or possess a snapping turtle with an upper shell (carapace) that measures, using a straight line, less than twelve inches in length.

(3) "Bag limit." Daily limit: 5. Seasonal limit: 30.

(4) "Hunting hours." Snapping turtles may be hunted at any time.

(c) All other native turtles.

(1) "Open season." None.