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Part 256: Air Quality Classifications System

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §15)

[Filed 4/28/72. Effective 5/1/72.]

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For administrative information about this posting, contact: Division of Air Resources. The Bureau of Air Quality Planning at (518) 402-8396 is the contact for technical questions pertaining to this rule.



§256.1 Classification levels

Four general levels of social and economic development and pollution potentials exist in the State. The land uses associated with the classification levels assigned to geographical areas of the State are outlined broadly as follows:

Level I--predominantly used for timber, agricultural crops, dairy farming, or recreation. Habitation and industry sparse.

Level II--predominantly single and two family residences, small farms, and limited commercial services and industrial development.

Level III--densely populated, primarily commercial office buildings, department stores, and light industries in small and medium metropolitan complexes, or suburban areas of limited commercial and industrial development near large metropolitan complexes.

Level IV--densely populated, primarily commercial office buildings, department stores and industries in large metropolitan complexes, or areas of heavy industry.

§256.2 Application

Air quality standards assigned in accordance with Part 257 of this Title shall apply to the levels as specified therein. Levels assigned to geographical areas of the State are as described in Chapter III, Subchapter C, Parts 260-317 of this Title.