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Subpart 257-8: Ambient Air Quality Standards-Fluorides

(Statutory Authority: Environmental Conservation Law, § 15)

[Filed 4/28/72. Effective 5/1/72.]

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§257-8.1 Definition

The term fluorides refers to a heterogeneous group of compounds formed from the highly reactive, nonmetallic gaseous element known as fluorine. For the purpose of this Subpart, the term fluoride will include material that tests as fluoride by the method specified or other methods acceptable to the commissioner.

§257-8.2 Objectives

Fluorosis in grazing ruminants has been shown to occur with continuing low level fluoride ingestion. Also, excessive atmospheric fluoride concentration has been associated, in varying degrees, with vegetation damage. The objective of the standard for forage is to protect against adverse effects on grazing ruminants while the objective of the standard for total fluorides in air is to provide protection against adverse effects on vegetation.

§257-8.3 Standards

(a) Total fluorides, parts per million (ppm), dry weight basis (as F) in and on forage for consumption by grazing ruminants. Average concentration shall be less than the following in all levels:

(1) For growing season (not to exceed six consecutive months) - 40 ppm

(2) For any 60 day period - 60 ppm

(3) For any 30 day period - 80 ppm

(b) Gaseous fluorides in air (parts per million parts of air) as F-all levels. (25 degrees Centigrade, 760 mm Hg.)

(1) 12 hour averages to be less than 4.5 ppb (3.7 µg/m3)

(2) 24 hour averages to be less than 3.5 ppb (2.85 µg/m3)

(3) 1 week averages to be less than 2.0 ppb (1.65 µg/m3)

(4) 1 month averages to be less than 1.0 ppb (0.8 µg/m3)

§257-8.4 Measurement

(a) Total fluorides in and on forage is determined by fusion of a representative sample by the Schoniger flash oxygen combustion method and analysis by specific ion electrode* or other methods acceptable to the commissioner.

(b) Gaseous fluorides in air will be collected and analyzed by methods acceptable to the commissioner.


* Standard Method For Fluorides From Vegetation, New York State Department of Health, Division of Labs. & Research, August, 1970 (or subsequent revision). ppb = 0.82 µg/m3 as F.