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Part 270: Cortland County

(Statutory authority: Public Health Law, §§ 1271, 1276)

[Filed 4/28/72. Effective 5/1/72.]

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§270.1 General classification

The air quality within the political boundaries of Cortland County shall be maintained using Levels II and I as set forth in Part 256, Ambient Air Quality Standards--Classifications System, for the areas described in the following sections.

§270.2 Level II

All that area bounded by a line commencing at the intersection of the Homer-Cortlandville town line and Sweeney Road; thence southerly along Sweeney Road to Kinney Gulf Road; thence southeasterly along Kinney Gulf Road to Hoy Road; thence southwesterly along Hoy Road to Highland Road; thence southerly along Highland Road to Fairview Road; thence southerly along Fairview Road to McLean Road; thence westerly along McLean Road to Stupke Road; thence southeasterly along Stupke Road to the Lehigh Valley Railroad (Ithaca-Canastota Line); thence southerly and westerly along the railroad to Gracie Road; thence southerly along Gracie Road to the Cortlandvllle-Virgil town line; thence easterly along the town line to Route 90; thence northerly along Route 90 to Bennie Road; thence easterly along a straight line to the junction of Page Green Road and Blodgett Mills West Road; thence easterly along Blodgett Mills West Road to Blodgett Mills Road; thence easterly along Blodgett Mills Road to Route 11; thence due east to Interstate Route 81; thence northwesterly along Interstate Route 81 to Ridge Road; thence easterly along Ridge Road to South Hill Road; thence northerly along South Hill Road to the McGraw village line; thence counterclockwise along the village line to Hicks Hill Road; thence northerly along Hicks Hill Road to Ames Road; thence northwesterly along Ames Road to Lorings Crossing Road; thence westerly along Lorings Crossing Road to Lighthouse Hill Road; thence westerly along Lighthouse Hill Road to Locust Avenue; thence northerly along Locust Avenue to the Homer village line; thence counterclockwise along the village line to Route 90; thence westerly along Route 90 to Sweeney Road; thence westerly and southerly along Sweeney Road to the beginning point.

§270.3 Level I

All that area in Cortland County not delineated as Level II.