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Part 297: Putnam County

(Statutory authority: Public Health Law, §§ 1271, 1276)

[Filed 4/28/72. Effective 5/1/72.]

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§297.1 General classification

(a) The air quality within the political boundaries of Putnam County shall be maintained using Levels II and I as set forth in Part 256, Ambient Air Quality Standards--Classifications System, for the areas described in the following sections.

(b) The classification of the air over the Hudson River and its islands shall be the same as the classification of the adjacent land mass.

§297.2 Level II

All that area west and south of a line commencing at the intersection of the Putnam-Westchester county line and Interstate Route 87; thence northeasterly along Interstate Route 87 to Interstate Route 84; thence northwesterly along Interstate Route 84 to Route 22; thence easterly and northerly along Route 22 to Route 216; thence westerly along Route 216 to Route 311; thence southwesterly along Route 311 to Route 52; thence southerly along Route 52 to the Kent-Carmel town line; thence westerly along the Kent town line to Peekskill Hollow Road; thence southwesterly along Peekskill Hollow Road to Church Street; thence northerly and westerly along Church Street to Cimarron Road; thence westerly along Cimarron Road to Canopus Hollow Road; thence westerly and southwesterly along Canopus Hollow Road to the Putnam Valley-Philipstown town line; thence clockwise along the Putnam Valley town line to the Taconic State Parkway; thence northerly and northeasterly along the Parkway to the Putnam-Dutchess county line.

§297.3 Level I

All that area in Putnam County not delineated as Level II.