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Part 195: Permits For The Erection and Maintenance Of Signs, Advertising Structures and Devices In The Adirondack and Catskill Parks

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, § 9-0305)

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§195.1 Definitions

As used in this Part, the following terms shall have the indicated meanings:

a. Authorized sign shall mean a sign which is or may be erected and maintained within the Adirondack or Catskill Park pursuant to a written permit required by section 9-0305 of the Environmental Conservation Law and issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

b. Department shall mean the Department of Environmental Conservation of the State of New York.

§195.2 Applications for permits

a. All applications for permits for authorized signs shall be on standard forms provided by the department. All applications shall be filed with the Regional Forester of the Subdivision of Forest Resources of the department in the district where such sign is to be located, or with the Director, Subdivision of Forest Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, N.Y.

b. Each application shall have attached thereto a sketch of the proposed sign showing its dimensions, shape, wording and structural details.

c. Each application shall contain or have attached thereto a sketch showing the location of the proposed sign, road system and place of business.

d. Each application shall show the name or names and address of the owner or owners of the land upon which the proposed sign is to be erected.

§195.3 Classification and size limitations of authorized signs

Authorized signs shall be classified and limited in size according to the outside height and width or the total area of one side thereof, exclusive of the necessary supporting structure, as follows:

a. Standard small: a sign one foot high by three feet wide.

b. Small: a sign not exceeding three square feet in area.

c. Standard medium: a sign 2-1/2 feet high by four feet wide.

d. Medium: a sign not exceeding 10 square feet in area.

Note: Authorized signs may be lettered on both sides.

§195.4 Material, design, color combination, and test for authorized signs

a. Construction material. Such sign shall be constructed of wood, metal or other durable material approved by the department.

b. Design. Such sign shall be of a rustic or other design which will be attractive and suitable for its proposed location.

c. Colors. Such sign shall be painted or stained in one of the following color combinations:

1. yellow lettering on brown background;

2. black lettering on white background; or

3. white lettering on green background.

d. Text on authorized signs. The text on such sign must be approved by the department and shall be limited to:

1. name or assumed business name of permittee;

2. kind of business;

3. directional arrow;

4. distance from sign to place of business; and

5. name and address of owner if different from permittee.

§195.5 Illumination of authorized signs

a. Only white artificial lighting shall be used to illuminate such sign.

b. No flashing, intermittent or moving light or lights shall constitute a part of or be used to illuminate such sign.

§195.6 Locations for authorized signs

Permits will be issued for authorized signs to be erected or maintained at the following locations only:

a. at the junction of numbered State highways when one such highway terminates in a dead end within the boundaries of the Adirondack or Catskill Park;

b. at the junction of a numbered State highway and a secondary road, when the business to be advertised is located on such secondary road;

c. at the junction of secondary roads, where the business to be advertised is located on one of such roads;

d. at the junction of a private road and a public highway when the sign directs, via the private road, to a place of business not abutting such public highway.

§195.7 Multiple authorized signs at same location

The department may require authorized signs at the same location to be erected or maintained contiguous to each other, in a cluster, on a common supporting structure or in such other manner as the department may approve.

§195.8 Maintenance of authorized signs

Each authorized sign shall be maintained in a neat and attractive condition by the permittee.

§195.9 Permits for authorized signs

a. Permits shall be on standard forms provided by the department.

b. All permits shall be subject to review and may be revoked by the department whenever, pursuant to such permit, a sign, structure or device has been erected or is being maintained in violation of this Part.