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Section 1.19: Deer Management Permit Quotas, Group Sizes and Legal Harvest

Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §§ 3-0301, 11-0303, 11-0701, 11-0715, 11-0903, 11-0907, 11-0909, 11-0911, 11-0913, 11-0917, 11-1103

[Effective Date April 7, 1993]

[Last amended Sept. 25, 2002]



§1.19 Deer management permit quotas, group sizes, and legal harvest.

(a) Legal harvest. Only deer without antlers or having antlers measuring less than three inches in length, except as provided in section 1.20 (k) of this Part, may be taken on a deer management permit (DMP).

(b)Number of DMPs available to an individual. A person may apply for and be a permittee on not more than two DMPs during the initial application period, as described in paragraph 1.20 (b)(2) of this Part, except that in wildlife management units (WMUs) where the number of hunters is inadequate to achieve needed harvest, the Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) may provide for the issuances of additional permits to an individual or group. WMUs are defined in section 4.1 of this Title. Subsequent application periods, as described in subdivision 1.20 (e) of this Part, may be conducted for DMPs in WMUs where insufficient numbers of applicants exist to achieve adequate deer harvest. A person may apply for and be a permittee on no more than two additional DMPs during all subsequent application periods, except in WMUs where the Department has elected to issue bonus permits.

(c) Number of DMPs Issued for each WMU. The number of permits required to achieve optimal deer harvest will be calculated using the following WMU specific variables: the expected buck take, the desired adult female take, the proportion of adult females in the anticipated harvest, DMP harvest, DMP success rate and the desired population objective. The actual number of permits issued may vary slightly from the optimal number of permits due to the nature of the DMP issuance described in Section 1.20 of this title.

(d)Group sizes. Deer hunting groups must be formed by the hunters themselves.

(1) For all other than landowner/disabled veteran DMP's, the size of the hunting group will be one hunter in all WMU's.

(2) (i) For landowner DMP's, the size of the hunting group shall be a minimum of one and a maximum of two hunters in all WMU's.

(ii) For disabled veteran DMP's, the size of the hunting group will be one hunter in all WMU's.

(3) For second DMPs, when available, the group size shall be the same as the group size required for the unit selected for an applicant's first permit.