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Section 1.24: Special Firearms Deer Season in Suffolk County

Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §§ 3-0301, 11-0303, 11-0701, 11-0715, 11-0903, 11-0907, 11-0909, 11-0911, 11-0913, 11-0917, 11-1103



§1.24 Special Firearms Deer Season in Suffolk County

(a) Season Dates: The first Sunday in January through January 31.

(b) Hunting Hours: Sunrise to sunset.

(c) Legal Implements: During the special firearms season, deer may be taken only by: shotgun, using a single ball or slug; or muzzleloading rifle or pistol, shooting a single projectile, having a minimum bore of 0.44 inches. Shotgun barrels may be rifled, and telescopic sights may be used.

(d) Valid Tags: Regular Season Deer tag, Deer Management Permit (DMP) and Bonus DMPs for Unit 1C, Bow/Mz either-sex tag, and Bow/Mz antlerless-only tag. Deer of either sex may be taken with Regular season tag.

(e) Town Permit: No person shall hunt deer with a shotgun or muzzleloader during the special firearms season in Suffolk County unless such person possesses a special town hunting permit; provided, however, that a hunter is not required to possess a town hunting permit in any town which by local law has waived the requirement for the special permit in accordance with the requirements of Environmental Conservation Law § 11-0903. Special town hunting permits shall be issued as follows:

(1) Permits, furnished by the Department of Environmental Conservation, shall be issued by the town clerks or their designees for their respective towns only and only until the quota for each town is exhausted. The annual quotas are as follows:

Town Quota
Babylon 200
Brookhaven 5,000
East Hampton 3,000
Huntington 500
Islip 200
Riverhead 3,000
Shelter Island 1,000
Smithtown 1,000
Southampton 2,500
Southold 1,000

(2) In order to obtain a town permit, a hunter must complete the Application for a Town Permit and present it to the town clerk or his or her designee, along with a completed Landowner's Endorsement form and a valid hunting license, complete with big game carcass tags.

(3) A town permit may be issued only to a holder of a properly completed permit application. Each permit authorizes the holder to hunt deer only in the town specified on it, and only on the property for which the permit holder has a properly completed and endorsed Landowner's Endorsement form. Permits are not transferable.

(f) Landowner's Endorsement: The Landowner's Endorsement constitutes the landowner's or lessee's written consent for a person to hunt on his or her lands with a shotgun or muzzleloader in accordance with the conditions of the special firearms season. The Landowner's Endorsement form must be signed by a person who owns or leases ten or more acres of land in the town where application is to be made, certifying that such owner or lessee gives consent to the applicant to hunt deer with a shotgun or muzzleloader on the owner's or lessee's premises in accordance with the conditions of the special season.

(g) Town permit applications and Landowner's Endorsement forms may be obtained from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 1 Bureau of Wildlife Office in Stony Brook or the Department's website, and may be available at Department-approved outlets.

(h) While hunting during the special season, an individual must carry his or her hunting license and big game tag. If hunting with a shotgun or muzzleloader, the individual must also carry a valid Town Permit and signed Landowner's Endorsement, unless the town has waived the special permit requirement.. Successful hunters must follow all deer reporting, tagging, and check station procedures, as specified in Environmental Conservation Law § 11-0911 or as otherwise directed by the Department.

(i) Any holder of a special town hunting permit who the Department has reason to believe has violated any provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law, or of regulations promulgated thereunder, while hunting pursuant to such permit, shall surrender the permit to the Department, and upon conviction or settlement for such violation such permit may be revoked. Any permit obtained by fraud, or by a person not entitled to be issued it or who makes a false statement in applying for it, shall be void. No special town hunting permit shall be replaced if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.