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Part 37: Sale Of Certain Lake Ontario Fishes Prohibited

[Last Amended December 10, 2014]



§37.1 Regulation prohibiting the sale of certain fishes taken from Lake Ontario, its tributaries and the St. Lawrence River

(a) No person engaged in commercial fishing shall fail to return immediately to the water, and no person shall sell, offer for sale or expose for sale the listed species of fish or parts thereof, except for eggs of chinook salmon and coho salmon which may be sold only by sport fishermen for use as bait, taken from Lake Ontario and its tributaries upstream to the first barrier impassable by fish and the St. Lawrence River, as follows:

(1) chinook salmon;

(2) lake trout;

(3) coho salmon;

(4) rainbow or steelhead trout;

(5) brown trout;

(6) brook trout;

(7) splake;

(8) kokanee;

(9) Atlantic salmon;

(10) black bass;

(11) muskellunge;

(12) northern pike;

(13) channel catfish; and

(14) American eel.