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Part 59: State Boat-Launching Sites, Fishing-Access Sites and Fishing Rights Areas



§59.1 Regulations

The following regulations apply to all boat-launching sites, fishing-access sites, parking areas for fishermen and public fishing rights areas under the jurisdiction of the Division of Fish and Wildlife of the Department of Environmental Conservation, including all State-owned or -leased access roads and trails or paths connecting such areas or leading from them to public fishing rights areas, docks, piers or bridges.

(a) No person shall erect or post any sign or notice, except as permitted by the department.

(b) No person shall kindle, build, maintain or use a fire, except in an area provided for that purpose.

(c) No person shall conduct any business, buy, sell, offer or expose for sale, hire, lease or vend any article or merchandise of any kind, unless a written permit is first obtained from the department.

(d) No person shall use any boat-launching site, or any fishing-access site from which boats may be launched, or any adjacent waters within 100 feet from the shore of a boat-launching ramp or ramp area, including offshore and inshore approaches, for any purpose other than the launching and retrieval of boats, fishing and, where provided, ice fishing access, unless a written permit is obtained from the department.

(e) Fishing, or other permitted non-boating use of these facilities, may in no way impair the launching or retrieval of boats, use of boarding docks by boaters, or navigation to and from the launch ramp.

(f) No person shall operate any musical instrument, radio, television set, phonograph or tape recorder, or make any excessive or unnecessary noise in any other manner.

(g) No person shall erect or maintain a camp or structure of any kind. For the purpose of this subdivision, a camp shall include, but not be limited to, any form of temporary shelter, such as a tent, motor home, travel trailer, mobile home or the use of any vehicle for shelter or sleeping.

(h) No person shall moor, dock, beach, leave, abandon or park any boat, auto trailer, float, raft or vehicle of any type for more than 24 hours at any boat-launching site or fishing-access site from which boats may be launched, and no vehicle except one used in loading and unloading or launching a boat shall be left or parked within such area at any time.

(i) No person shall injure, deface, disturb or befoul any part of an area or any building, sign, equipment or other property found thereon, nor remove, injure or destroy any tree, flower, fern, shrub, rock, or other plant or mineral.

(j) No person shall dispose of any garbage, sewage, metal or glass containers, refuse, waste, fruit, vegetables, foodstuffs, paper, or other litter or obnoxious material, except in receptacles provided for such purpose.

(k) No person shall: use threatening, abusive or insulting language; do any obscene or indecent act; throw stones or other missiles; interfere with, incumber, obstruct or render dangerous any drive, path, dock, beach or public place; do any act tending to or amounting to a breach of the peace; enter or leave except at established entrances or exits; engage in, instigate, aid or encourage a contention or fight, or assault any person.

(l) No person shall at any time fail to comply with the reasonable demand or direction of any authorized person, indicated by gesture or otherwise, in using access roads, parking areas or launching sites, or fail to comply with directions or signs.

(m) Unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, no person under 21 years of age shall possess alcoholic beverages. Persons age 21 or over who possess alcoholic beverages must produce adequate identification and proof of age upon demand of any peace or police officer.

§59.2 Boat motors at fishing-access sites

No person shall launch and/or retrieve a boat, canoe or other water craft equipped with a boat motor of more than:

(a) seven and one-half horsepower from the department fishing-access site on Tully Lake in the town of Preble in Cortland County; or

(b) ten horsepower from the department fishing-access site on:

(1) Lake Colby in the Town of Harrietstown in Franklin County;

(2) Payne Lake in the Town of Antwerp in Jefferson County;

(3) Hyde Lake, Moon Lake, Grass Lake, Lake of the Woods and Millsite Lake in the Town of Theresa in Jefferson County;

(4) Lake Ozonia in the town of Hopkinton in St. Lawrence County.

§59.3 Prohibition on use of water craft propelled by gasoline powered motors at fishing access sites

No person may launch or use a boat, canoe or other water craft equipped with a gasoline powered motor at the Laurel Lake fishing access site, Town of Southold, Suffolk County.