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Part 73: Hunting In The Cayuga and Tompkins Counties Cooperator Area



§73.1 Applicability

The provisions of this Part shall apply to the Cayuga and Tompkins Counties Cooperator Area ("area").

§73.2 Hunting

(a) No person shall hunt in the area during the hunting season on days the permit station is open unless he possesses a special hunting permit, issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation, a hunting or hunting and fishing license, if required, and, if hunting ducks and geese, a Federal duck stamp (if 16 years of age or older). The permit station will be open from the beginning of the goose season to a date determined by the department when permits will no longer be required.

(b) No person shall trespass in any area posted with "Restricted Area" signs. No person shall enter the area for any purpose whatsoever without a valid hunting permit and/or written permission from the landowner.

(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision (a) of this section, cooperating landowners, their lessees, members of their immediate families, and persons acting with their written consent may hunt without a special hunting permit in the area. No such person shall hunt in the area unless he so notifies the department at the check station the day before he wishes to hunt.

§73.3 Special Hunting Permit

(a) Reservations for a special hunting permit may be made by telephoning (315) 364-7777 or by visiting the check station between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the day prior to the day such party wishes to hunt. No party may make more than one reservation for any given day. Each reservation request must list the name and mailing address of the party leader and the date for which the reservation is requested.

(b) Party leaders holding a reservation shall check in at the check station before the legal shooting time, except as provided in section 73.4 of this Part, at which time special hunting permits will be issued and parking areas assigned. Each party leader with a reservation may bring up to five companions. Failure to appear at that time shall cause cancellation of the reservation; forfeited reservations shall be awarded on a lottery basis to other parties who do not have reservations.

(c) No party leader shall fail to leave his hunting or hunting and fishing license and, if hunting ducks and geese, his Federal duck stamp, (if 16 years of age or older) at the check station prior to going to his designated parking area. He shall pick these up when he leaves the area.

(d) A special hunting permit shall be valid only for the day of issuance and shall not be transferable.

(e) No permittee shall transfer his permit to another person.

(f) No permittee shall refuse to show his permit to anyone who asks to see it.

(g) No permittee shall park his vehicle in other than the numbered parking area assigned to him.

(h) A permittee may apply for a different parking area only one time during the same day.

§73.4 Alternate Procedure for Obtaining a Special Hunting Permit

(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision (b) of section 73.3 of this Part, the department may, on designated portions of the area, allow hunting parties with reservations to go directly to their assigned sites, prior to legal shooting time, on the day they intend to hunt.

(b) Party leaders, on the day prior to the hunt between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., must furnish the following permit information to the check station:

(1) make and type of motor vehicle to be parked in assigned parking area and license plate number;

(2) party leader's name, address and hunting license number; and

(3) names of all other hunters in the party.

(c) All unfilled reservations shall be cancelled at the beginning of legal shooting time for each day reservations were made, which then will be made available on a lottery basis to parties without reservations. Party leaders must notify the check station prior to legal shooting time on the day for which reservations were made if they cannot hunt, or of any permit changes. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of their hunting privileges on the area for the remainder of the season.

(d) If at any time the cooperator hunting area staff determines the procedure for obtaining hunting privileges under this section is being abused, the regional wildlife manager will abide by the provisions of section 73.3 of this Part for all permit issuance.

§73.5 General Provisions

(a) No permittee shall fail to check out at the check station by one hour after legal shooting time.

(b) No permittee shall fail to fill out the hunter questionnaire if provided by the department. All game must be checked out at the check station by the takers prior to leaving the area. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of hunting privileges in the area.

(c) No person shall fail to comply with regulatory signs posted by the department on the area.

(d) No person shall litter, build fires, damage fences or gates, damage unharvested crops or newly planted fields, damage or move hunting blinds in the area, or hunt or shoot near or otherwise disturb persons working on a cooperator's lands in the area. No person shall drive a motor vehicle in the area except on public roads.

(e) No person shall, in the area:

(1) consistently shoot high;

(2) engage in disorderly conduct;

(3) be intoxicated;

(4) engage in any behavior which may endanger the safety of persons or property.

(f) The department may refuse to issue a special hunting permit to anyone, revoke a special hunting permit or eject a person from the area for any of the prohibited acts listed in this Part.

(g) No person shall use or possess in the area more than 15 shells per day, nor use or possess shot larger than shot size number 1-fine when hunting waterfowl or small game.

(h) No hunting party shall hunt waterfowl in the area unless they use six or more decoys.

(i) No permittee shall hunt in the area on the side of the road other than the side on which his vehicle is parked. No permittee shall cross any roads while hunting in the area.

(j) No more than six persons per vehicle shall be allowed in the area.

(k) No person shall make false statements in making a reservation. Any permit obtained by fraud, or by a person not entitled to be issued it or who makes false statements in applying for it, shall be void.

(l) The department reserves the right to close the waterfowl season, on all or designated portions of the area, after 12 noon on any day or days, by posted notice at the check station.

(m) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law and of regulations fixed by order in relation to open seasons, hunting hours, manner of taking, use of firearms, and other activities shall apply to hunting in the area.

(n) Lake shore waterfowl hunting on the area is restricted to designated Cayuga Lake sites, with no more than three hunters permitted in each blind at any one time.

(o) All shooting must be from the designated Cayuga Lake blinds except when retrieving crippled waterfowl.

(p) All parties hunting from the Cayuga Lake blinds must have a boat to facilitate waterfowl retrieval.