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Part 90: Hunting, Fishing and Public Use In The Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge



§90.1 Applicability

The provisions of this Part shall apply to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge located five miles east of Seneca Falls (area). Maps delineating the refuge, including the areas where hunting and fishing are permitted, may be obtained at the refuge headquarters. Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is closed to all entry and recreational use unless specifically opened to that use(s) by the Secretary of the Interior.

§90.2 Migratory Waterfowl

(a) No person shall hunt migratory waterfowl in the area other than in those areas designated by signs as open to waterfowl hunting.

(b) No person shall hunt migratory waterfowl in the area on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

(c) Hunters may not possess or fire more than 25 steel shot shells, with shot size no larger than No. 1 fine shot. All lead shot is prohibited.

(d) Waterfowl hunting by persons having a reservation will be allowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from the opening day of waterfowl season until:

(1) the end of the first half of a split season; or

(2) the pool freezes over--whichever occurs first.

Twenty hunting parties of two or less people will be allowed per day. Boats propelled by power are not permitted. Parties will be allowed to select their own hunting sites within the Tschache Pool. Hunting reservations will be made by a telephone reservation system. Telephone reservations will be accepted at the refuge check station between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 noon on hunt days. The reservation number is (315) 568-4136. Reservations will only be accepted for the succeeding day's hunting. Reservations for the first day of hunting will be received on the preceding day only. An individual hunter will be granted only one reservation per hunt week (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) during the first two weeks of the season.

(e) The first Sunday of the season will be reserved for the young waterfowler's training program hunt.

(f) No person shall hunt migratory waterfowl in the area between 12 noon and one-half hour before sunrise.

(g) No person hunting migratory waterfowl in the area shall fail to check out at the waterfowl check station by 1 p.m.

§90.3 Big Game

(a) Deer of either sex may be taken. No person shall hunt deer in the area in areas designated by signs as closed.

(b) No person shall hunt deer in the area except from the first Monday after November 15 through the first Tuesday after December 7.

(c) No person shall hunt deer in the area on Saturday or Sunday.

(d) For the first two hunt days, no person shall fail to register his take before leaving the area.

(e) All hunters on each hunt day must pick up, possess, and return at day's end, a valid refuge permit card.

§90.4 Small Game

(a) No person shall hunt gray squirrels, cottontail rabbits, raccoons, foxes and unprotected mammals in the area except between the third Sunday in December and the last day of February.

(b) No person shall hunt ruffed grouse in the area.

(c) No person shall hunt in the area in the areas designated by signs as closed.

§90.5 Fishing

(a) Sport fishing is permitted throughout the year in areas so designated by signs.

(b) Fishing will be permitted only in those areas designated as open to fishing.

§90.6 Public Access, Use and Recreation

(a) Travel by motor vehicle or on foot is permitted on designated travel routes for the purpose of nature study, photography and sightseeing during daylight hours.

(b) No person shall travel other than on designated travel routes.

(c) No person shall be in the area after dark.

(d) No person shall have a pet in the area unless it is on a leash.

(e) No person shall be intoxicated while in the area.

§90.7 [Repealed]