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Part 97: Fishing In The Chodikee Lake Cooperator Area



§97.1 Applicability

The regulations governing fishing in the Chodikee Lake Cooperator Area ("the area") in the Town of Lloyd, Ulster County, shall be as follows in this Part.

§97.2 Restrictions

No person shall trespass for any purpose whatsoever, except persons authorized by the Division for Youth or the Department of Environmental Conservation, in the area within any area posted with "Restricted Area" signs.

§97.3 Fishing

No person shall fish in the area other than outside areas posted with "Restricted Area" signs. Fishing shall be subject to the following regulations:

(a) Fishing shall be permitted daily on a year-round basis.

(b) No person shall fish other than from car-top or trailerable-type boats and canoes.

(c) No person shall fish from the shoreline or access dock. Open water fishing is permitted only from boats and canoes.

(d) Ice fishing is permitted in season, and gasoline ice augers are permitted.

(e) Entry by pedestrians or vehicles capable of seating more than nine people is prohibited.

§97.4 Regulations

Use of the area for fishing shall be subject to the following regulations:

(a) No person shall park a vehicle other than in the designated 20-car capacity parking area located on the west shore side of the lake, and then only if the posted quota is not filled. No person shall use a trailer or a bus in the parking area.

(b) No person shall embark or disembark from boats other than at the access dock. No person shall disembark at any location other than the access dock, except in an emergency situation.

(c) No person shall use a sailboat or any boat equipped with a gasoline-powered outboard motor. The use of electric motors is permitted.

(d) No person shall use alcoholic beverages in the area.

(e) No person may camp, picnic, litter, build fires, swim, bathe, hunt, trap, target shoot, destroy, damage or remove any plant life or other property, block the boat launching area, parking area or access roads, use snowmobiles, trailbikes or all-terrain vehicles.

(f) The Department of Environmental Conservation and the Division for Youth reserve the right to eject any person from the area for disorderly conduct, intoxication or any other behavior which endangers the general safety of persons in the area.

(g) A valid New York State fishing license is required. Persons under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who possesses a valid New York State fishing license.

§97.5 General Provisions

All applicable provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law shall be in effect under this order.