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Part 101: Hunting At Verona Beach Park Wildlife Management Cooperative Area

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law[,] §§11-0303, 11-0321, 11-2101 [[a], [d]-[f]])

[Last Amended: August 16, 2006]



§101.1 Applicability

The provisions of this Part shall apply to the Verona Beach Park (Central New York State Parks Commission) Wildlife Management Cooperative in Oneida County, New York.

§101.2 Hunting

(a) No person may hunt on the area unless he possesses a special hunting permit, issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation, a hunting or hunting and fishing license and, if hunting ducks, a Federal duck stamp (if 16 years of age or older). Big game hunters (long bow only) must possess a big game license with archery stamp affixed. No person shall hunt big game on the area with a firearm.

(b) Applications for a special hunting permit must be submitted either:

(1) in writing to the Regional Wildlife Manager, Department of Environmental Conservation, State Office Building, Utica, N.Y. 13401; or

(2) in person at the Department of Environmental Conservation Office, State Office Building, Utica, during normal business hours.

(c) No person may hunt with other than long bow or shotgun. No person shall possess shotgun shells loaded with a slug or a single round ball on the area.

(d) No person shall hunt on the area without having a special permit in their possession.

(e) No person shall fail to leave the area by one hour past sunset.

(f) No person shall hunt from or use a power-driven boat, or erect, occupy or hunt from a permanent blind on the area.

(g) No hunter will fail to remove all personal equipment from the area, including spent shells, upon completion of each day's hunt.

(h) No person shall use a shotgun larger than 12 gauge or shot larger than shot size #2 fine when hunting on the area.

(i) No person may have a loaded gun on the area other than during legal shooting hours.

(j) No handguns are permitted in Verona Beach Park or Verona Beach Park Wildlife Management Cooperative.

(k) Firearms must not be loaded or bows strung until entry upon the Wildlife Management Cooperative. Compound bows must be secured with a padlock in such a manner that the bow cannot be drawn.

(l) Waterfowl hunting will not be allowed west of a flagged line marked within the area.

§101.3 General Provisions

(a) No person may hunt on Verona Beach Park other than in the designated Wildlife Management Area.

(b) Inside the park, hunters must park their vehicles only at the designated parking lot, unless otherwise instructed by park personnel.

(c) All hunters must sign in and out daily at the register located at the designated parking lot.

(d) No person shall hunt in areas of the park posted as "Restricted Area".

(e) A special permit is valid only for the period for which it is issued, and is not transferrable. The department may revoke a special permit at any time upon written notice to the permittee.

(f) No person will, on the area:

(1) consistently shoot at game that is out of range;

(2) engage in disorderly conduct;

(3) be intoxicated;

(4) engage in any behavior which may endanger the safety of persons or property.

(g) The department may refuse to issue a special permit to anyone, or revoke a special permit, or eject a person from the area for failure to comply with the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law, or the regulations contained in this Part, or the regulations of the Central New York State Parks Commission.

(h) Hunters must abide by instructions of the Central New York State Parks Commission staff or Department of Environmental Conservation staff.

(i) No person will fail to provide a report of their take, when requested by the department. Failure to submit a report may result in forfeiture of hunting privileges on the area.

(j) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law and of other regulations in relation to open seasons, hunting hours, manner of taking, use of firearms, tagging, transportation, and other activities will apply to hunting on the area.

(k) Hunters must report any accidents observed to parks officials.

(l) Hunters shall respect private landowner's rights on lands adjacent to the park.