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Part 150: Identification Of Trout From Private Hatcheries

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §11-1727, 11-1909)



§150.1 Identification of Trout from Private Hatcheries

(a) Carcasses and parts thereof of trout produced in a hatchery under permit from the department may be offered for sale, sold, possessed and transported provided they:

(1) bear a tag furnished by the department having the letters NYSCD inscribed thereon; or

(2) bear a tag on which the name of the producer is clearly indicated; or

(3) are packed in a container on which is clearly indicated either the name of the producer or, if imported from a foreign country, the name of the country of origin.

(b) Trout raised under a hatchery permit issued by the department may be transported in live condition within New York State only in a container which has affixed thereto a tag on which shall be plainly marked the number and kind of trout contained therein, together with the name and address of the consignee and of the consignor and the point of destination.

(c) Holders of a trout hatchery permit or certificate may purchase trout identification tags from the department for a fee of two cents for each tag.