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Part 153: Preserve Licenses

Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §§ 11-1901, 11-1903, 11-1905)



§153.1 Game breeder's and shooting preserve licenses

(a) All persons holding a license pursuant to sections 11-1901, 11-1903 or 11-1905 of the Environmental Conservation Law shall keep a continuous record of their operations and furnish an annual report to the department not later than April fifth of each year, except that in years where the shooting preserve season is extended pursuant to section 153.2 of this Part, annual reports shall be due not later than April 20th. All persons holding a license pursuant to section 11-1903 shall also furnish a report not later than September fifth each year stating the number of birds on hand on September first and other information as required. All such records and reports shall be made on forms supplied by the department.

(b) To permit recapture of escaped birds, domestic game birds other than ducks, geese, brant and swans must be marked by leg banding, pinioning, wing clipping, tattooing, applying antipick "specs" or "bits", or removing a hind toe.

(c) Tags for tagging domestic game on preserves so licensed shall be issued only in the name of the licensee who shall be responsible for their use and for keeping records as required by the department. With respect to possession of tags on a shooting preserve, an authorized person shall be the licensee and such employees and clients as he may designate or, in the case of a club, any members that the licensee may authorize in writing.

§153.2 Extension of shooting preserve season

When the department finds in any year that adverse weather has restricted hunting opportunity on class A shooting preserves, it may extend the season up to April 15th. Notice of such extension shall be by written or electronic communication to shooting preserve licensees.

§153.3 Domestic game animal breeders - tuberculosis testing

All persons possessing a license issued pursuant to Section 11-1905 of the Environmental Conservation Law must comply with regulations adopted by the Department of Agriculture and Markets for the detection, control and eradication of tuberculosis (1 NYCRR Parts 60 and 62). Failure to comply with the terms of such regulations shall be grounds for the revocation of such license pursuant to Section 175.5 of this Title.