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Subpart 245-3: Permits

(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law, §§ 1-0101, 3-0301, 19-0103, 19-0105, 19-0301, 19-0303,19-0305, 19-0311 and Energy Law §§ 3-101 and 3-103)

[Filed 9/19/07. Effective 10/19/07.]

For administrative information about this posting, contact: Division of Air Resources. The Bureau of Air Quality Planning at (518) 402-8396 is the contact for technical questions pertaining to this rule.



§245-3.1 General CAIR SO2 Trading Program permit requirements

(a) Each CAIR SO2 source must have a permit issued by the department pursuant to Parts 201 and 621 of this Title.

(b) Each CAIR permit must contain, with regard to the CAIR SO2 source and the CAIR SO2 units at the source covered by the CAIR permit, all applicable requirements for the CAIR SO2 Trading Program, the CAIR NOX Annual Trading Program, and the CAIR NOX Ozone Season Trading Program requirements and shall be a complete and separable portion of the permit under subdivision (a) of this section.

§245-3.2 Submission of CAIR permit applications

The CAIR designated representative of any CAIR SO2 source must submit to the department a complete CAIR permit application under section 245-3.3 of this Subpart for the source covering each CAIR SO2 unit at the source by the later of January 1, 2008 or the date on which the CAIR SO2 unit commences commercial operation, except as provided in section 245-9.4 of this Part.

§245-3.3 Information requirements for CAIR permit applications

A complete CAIR permit application must include the following elements concerning the CAIR SO2 source for which the application is submitted, in a format prescribed by the department:

(a) identification of the CAIR SO2 source;

(b) identification of each CAIR SO2 unit at the CAIR SO2 source; and

(c) the standard requirements under section 245-1.6 of this Part.

§245-3.4 CAIR permit contents

Each CAIR permit will contain, in a format prescribed by the department, all elements required for a complete CAIR permit application under section 243-5.3 of this Part and all applicable requirements of this Subpart.

§245-3.5 CAIR permit revisions

Revisions to a CAIR permit shall be done in accordance with Parts 201 and 621 of this Title.