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Grant Applications

Competitive grants for environmental protection and improvement are available for municipalities, community organizations, not-for-profit organizations and others. For more information about specific eligibility requirements, enrollment periods, eligible activities, and FAQs for the following grants, please click on the name of the grant program in which you are interested.

Note: All Vendors/Applicants/Grantees now have a new grants management website where they need to register. Please see the important notice below.

Abbreviations are as follows:

  • municipality (MUNI)
  • not-for-profit (NFP)
  • other (OT)

Solid and Hazardous Waste Grants

Funding for municipal projects that improve solid waste management strategies

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Municipal Waste Reduction, Recycling MUNI Continuous DEC
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal MUNI Continuous DEC
Solid Waste Municipal Landfill Closure MUNI Continuous DEC
Municipal Landfill Gas Management MUNI Continuous DEC

Water Protection Grants

Funding for projects that protect and improve New York's water resources

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Water Quality Management Planning (604(b)) Projects NFP, OT 2010; Closed DEC
Water Quality Improvement Projects MUNI, NFP 12/13/13; Closed DEC
The Hudson River Estuary MUNI, NFP 06/20/14 DEC
New York State DEC/EFC Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant MUNI 06/16/14;
Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda Grants MUNI, NFP, OT 11/21/2014 DEC

Environmental Cleanup Grants

Funding for projects that facilitate the cleanup of contaminated areas and/or provide assistance to communities affected by environmental contamination

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Environmental Restoration Program MUNI Continuous DEC
Technical Assistance Grants NFP Continuous DEC
Brownfield Opportunity Areas - DOS MUNI, NFP Expected Fall 2013 DOS

Wildlife Protection Grant Programs

Funding for projects that improve and protect wildlife habitats and/or provide public access for wildlife-related recreation

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Landowner Incentive Program - Bog Turtle Protection NFP, OT 2010; Closed DEC
Landowner Incentive Program - Grassland Protection NFP, OT 02/01/13; Closed DEC
The Hudson River Estuary MUNI, NFP 06/20/14 DEC

Land and Forest Protection Grants

Funding for projects that protect state and privately owned lands and forests

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Urban Forestry Grants MUNI, NFP 12/05/13; Closed DEC
Volunteer Fire Assistance MUNI, NFP 09/01/14 DEC
The Hudson River Estuary MUNI, NFP 06/20/14 DEC
Adirondack Park Community Smart Growth Program MUNI 2010; Closed DEC
Adirondack Park Upper Hudson Recreation Hub Grants MUNI 07/18/2014 NHT
New York State Conservation Partnership Program NFP 12/07/12; Closed LTA
U.S. Forest Service Competitive Allocation Request for Proposals (CARP) MUNI, NFP, OT 09/28/12; Closed USFS

Environmental Justice Grants

Funding for community-based research and education projects that address multiple environmental harms and risks

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Environmental Justice Community NFP 04/05/13; Closed DEC

Sportsmen Education Grants

Funding for projects that promote sportsmen education.

Program Name Eligible Parties Deadline Awarded By
Shooting Range Small Grant Program MUNI, NFP 05/15/14 CCE

Important Notice for All Vendors/Applicants/Grantees

All vendors (governmental organizations, not-for-profit organizations, Commissions, Authorities, Tribal organizations, etc.) should visit the NYS Grants Reform website and become familiar with the new statewide Grants Gateway, web-based grants management system. The Grants Gateway is an online system that will allow vendors to browse all NYS Agency anticipated and available grant opportunities, providing a one-stop location that will improve the way grants are administered by the State of New York.

Beginning January 1, 2014, all grant applicants/vendors must be registered in the NYS Grants Gateway to be eligible to apply for a NYS grant opportunity, to enter into a future contract, and to receive future grant payments.

It is imperative that all vendors immediately register in the NYS Grants Gateway. If you are a NFP organization you must also prequalify in the Grants Gateway before you will be considered eligible to apply for a NYS grant opportunity.

Prequalification Updates

Due to the statutory changes that take effect on July 1, 2014 as a result of the Not For Profit Revitalization Act State agencies will suspend the prequalification requirement for any not-for-profit responding to an RFP from July 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014. During that time, not-for-profits will have the ability to access their document vaults in order to update their files without losing the ability to apply for any grant offered by a State agency. All not-for-profit organizations may apply for any State funding during this period regardless of their prequalification status. However, award of funds will be contingent on the ability of a not-for-profit successfully completing the prequalification prior to the execution of a contract. After September 30, 2014 prequalification will once again be required for any not-for-profit applying for State funds, excepting categories of not-for-profit s currently exempted.

More specific Prequalification information can be found on the NYS Grants Reform website.