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Volume 69, Number 1

August, 2014

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two white-tailed deer fawns

New York's Wildlife

Through the eyes of photographer Melissa Groo

by Melissa Groo

page 2

Paddlers in a canoe

Rambling Success

15th Annual Hudson River Valley Ramble

by Mark Castiglione

page 7

A reenactment at Fort Stanwix

Homeward Bound

A Central New York Historical Adventure

by Jenna Kerwin

page 8

view of Brooktrout Lake from above

Coming Full Circle

Brook trout return to Brooktrout Lake

by Leila Mitchell

page 12

small whorled pogonia

Botanical Treasure Hunt

Searching for the small whorled pogonia

by Mike Adamovic

page 17

Smokey Bear 70th birthday logo

70 Years of Vigilance

The True Story of Smokey Bear

by David Russell

page 20

Thacher Park centennial logo

Thacher State Park: 100 Years of Outdoor Recreation

Thacher Park turns 100

by Wendy Gibson

page 22

wildland firefighter standing near fire line

Wildland Firefighting

DEC staff head west to help fight wildland fires

by Don Nelson

page 24


On Patrol

Includes feature: Ask the Ranger

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Stephen Scherry

page 16


by Jenna Kerwin and David Nelson

page 28


Includes feature: Ask the Biologist

by Eileen Stegemann and Jenna Kerwin

page 30

Back Trails

Homemade Playground

by Kathleen M. Lamanna

page 32

Special Insert: NY's Outdoors: Open for Everyone