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From the February 2014 Conservationist

A firetower on a rocky mountain summit at sunrise

Photo: Carl Heilman II

On Patrol

By ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Stephen Scherry

Surprise Visitor-Broome County

Residents at Willow Point Nursing Home in Vestal got a surprise when a white-tailed deer crashed through a window at the facility. The deer sustained injuries from the broken glass and damaged the office in which it was confined. Fortunately, Lt. Ric Warner and ECO Andy McCormick were able to tranquilize the deer and safely remove it from the building.

Not Passing the Bucks-Delaware County

An ECo kneels beside his truck behind two dead bucks

ECO Vern Bauer received several complaints about the driver of a red pickup truck hunting from the road in Fleischmanns during archery season. While on patrol, ECO Bauer noticed two red pickups in a residential driveway. He pulled in to speak with two men he had seen from the road. As Officer Bauer approached, he observed the men field dressing a nine-point buck; a ten-point buck was nearby. ECO Bauer interviewed the men, who said they had taken the deer with bows. However, their story quickly fell apart when Bauer found gunshot wounds in both bucks. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the father of one of the men had shot the bucks two days earlier-one in the Town of Shandaken, Ulster County, and the other in the Town of Halcott, Greene County. ECO Bauer seized the bucks and a .22 caliber rifle, and interviewed the shooter, who provided a written statement and showed the officer where he had shot the bucks. The man was subsequently charged with two counts of killing a deer with a gun during bow season and two counts of hunting deer with rimfire ammunition.

LOST!-Essex County

One evening, at the Johns Brook Outpost, hikers reported having heard cries for help. Ranger Scott VanLaer responded and soon found two subjects not far away. They had been hiking the Gothics but became disoriented as darkness fell. The 18-year-old female was dehydrated and had blisters on her feet, and the 28-year-old male had fallen. Ranger VanLaer quickly assessed their condition and gave them food and drink. When they had recovered sufficiently, he loaned them headlamps to help them return to their vehicle.

Cardinal Sins-Bronx County

An ECO holds a white cage with two male cardinals inside

ECO Eric Dowling received an anonymous call that an individual was trapping cardinals at his house in the South Bronx. The complainant gave specific information, including the individual's name and address, the number of birds, and how the individual was trapping them. When ECOs Dowling and Nathan Favreau went to the person's home, many species of birds that are legal to possess were caged on a porch. After obtaining the homeowner's permission, the officers entered the backyard and found six male and four female northern cardinals caged separately. A caged mockingbird also was found in a shed. The owner was issued a summons for illegal possession of songbirds, which are protected. After the birds were determined to be healthy, they were released back into the wild.


A man and a young boy ice fishing

Q: When ice fishing, must I put my name and address on all my tip-ups?
A: Yes. The law requires that you write your name and address on all ice fishing tip-ups you have in use.