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Volume 68, Number 4

February, 2014

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Evergreen trees by the side of a foggy lake

Photographing the Adirondacks

by By Carl Heilman II

page 2

A person in a blue hooded jacket cross-country skiing

Winter Fun at New York's State Parks

There's no reason to think it's off-season

by Wendy Gibson

page 8

A Windswept tree on a rocky summit with a view of mountains in the distance

The American Landscape through the Lens of Ansel Adams

page 12

A woman aims a crossbow at three targets

Becoming Outdoors Women

by Debbie Jackson and Gloria VanDuyne

page 18

A view across a pond in Central Park toward the Manhattan skyline at the south end of the park

Watchable Wildlife Site: Central Park

The best big-city wildlife viewing

page 22

A small nothern snakehead, with its mouth open wide, held in a hand

Northern Snakeheads in New York

The fish behind the headlines

by James MacDonald

page 24

Lead bullet fragments next to a ruler

Wildlife Health Corner

A look at lead poisoning in bald eagles

by Kevin Hynes

page 26


On Patrol

includes feature "Ask the ECO"

by ECO Lt. Liza Bobseine and Forest Ranger Capt. Stephen Scherry


by Jenna Kerwin and David Nelson

page 28


by Eileen Stegemann and Jenna Kerwin

page 30

Back Trails

Night Flying

by Dave Nelson

page 32