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Volume 68, Number 2

October, 2013

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A sugar maple in full orange and yellow fall color

Celebrating Autumn

--through the photography of Bill Banaszewski

page 2

A goshawk searches for prey while perched on top of an evergreen tree

The Sport of Falconry

in the field with real-life falconers

by Christopher Paparo

page 8

The base of a large white pine tree

Eastern White Pine

A monarch among trees

by Gloria Van Duyne

page 12

A painting of a great white pine on the back of a snapping turtle with animals around it and Native Americans standing at the base

Great tree of Peace: the White Pine

by Neil Patterson Jr.

page 15

Two deer sitting in the snow at the edge of a field

Wildlife Health Corner

A look at Chronic Wasting Disease

by Dr. Krysten Schuler

page 16

The head of a wirehaired dachsund puppy

Born to Track: the Dogs of Deer Search, Inc.

Using dogs to track and recover big game

by John Jeanneney

page 18

A man holds the skull of a buck

Two Deer in Two Minutes

The sudden rewards of a deer hunt

by George Steele

page 22

A painted turtle sitting on a branch that is just below the water's surface

Watchable Wildlife Site: The Wild Center

by John Razzano

page 24

A father and son sit at the base of a large pine tree

Coming Home to Jadwin Forest

Family roots grow deep in Lewis County

by Gary Brown

page 26


On Patrol

Includes feature: "Ask the ECO"

by ECO Lt. Tom Caifa and Forest Ranger Capt. Stephen Scherry

page 17


by Jenna Kerwin and David Nelson

page 28


by Eileen Stegemann and Jenna Kerwin

page 30

Back Trails

Accidental outdoor writer

by John Pitarresi

page 32