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New York State DEC/EFC Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant

New York State DEC/EFC Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grants are announced!

New York State DEC/EFC Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant

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The Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) initiative supports economic development, strategic plan implementation and job creation across the state. As part of Round 6 of the REDC initiative, DEC and the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation awarded $2,137,783 in grants to 41 communities from the Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant Program. For a list of municipalities selected to receive awards, please visit the NYS EFC website (leaves DEC's website). A complete list of grants awarded through the REDC Initiative can be found on the REDC website.(leaves DEC's website)

Program Overview

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), in cooperation with the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC), have made over $2.1 million available in 2016 for municipalities that need to construct or improve their municipal wastewater system. Grant funds can be used to pay for engineering and/or consultant fees for engineering and planning services for the production of an engineering report. Municipalities can apply for the funding through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). Individual grants will be up to $100,000 and municipalities will have to provide a 20% match.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a complete engineering report within 9 months of their grant agreement being executed. The engineering report will be used when seeking financing through the CWSRF program or other financial means to further pursue the identified solution.

Eligible Applicants

  • Municipalities (as defined in 21 NYCRRR 2602 New York State Clean Water Revolving Fund Regulations); and
  • Median household income (MHI) of the municipality is equal to or less than $65,000 according to the United States Census, 2013 American Community Survey.

To identify your municipality's Median Household Income (MHI) and population, we are providing a list of 2013 American Community Survey data (PDF, 160 KB) estimates for communities in NYS.

Or municipalities can look up the data by accessing the 2013 American Community Survey Data for population estimates:

  1. Click on the link to the United States Census 2010 in the right hand column under "Important Links"
  2. Follow the directions in How to Find 2013 American Community Survey Data for the Engineering Planning Grant (PDF, 345 KB) to navigate to census data for your community.

Eligible Activities

Funding can be used by municipalities for the preparation of an engineering report and planning activities to determine the scope of water quality issues, evaluate alternatives, and propose a capital improvement project. In addition, the costs to conduct an environmental review for the recommended alternative in the report are eligible. In accordance with the laws, rules and regulations governing the CWSRF, projects eligible under Section 212 (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) of the federal Clean Water Act must be publicly-owned.

Funding will not be provided for:

  • Projects that do not lead to the restoration or protection of a surface waterbody.
  • Projects that do not address improvements to a publicly-owned treatment works.
  • Projects already listed on the annual CWSRF Intended Use Plan.
  • Design and construction costs for any project.