Department of Environmental Conservation

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Acknowledgement of Funding Source

Communications to the Public

The Department will require that grant recipients acknowledge in any communication to the public that funding was provided from the Environmental Protection Fund and include the following:

  • Source of Funding: NYS Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)
  • Project Name and Project Sponsor

WQIP Signage Requirements

The Department will require project signs for all projects meeting the following criteria:

  • All Wastewater Treatment Improvement Projects
  • Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control and Aquatic Habitat Restoration grant awards totaling more than $50,000.

All signs should be constructed in accordance with the specifications identified in the Master Grant Contract.

The Department may, in its discretion, waive this requirement if the sign cannot be reasonable maintained, the sign is not consistent with other laws, or the location of the sign would not provide a public purpose.

The project sign should be maintained from the start of construction until 90 days after the closeout of the project.

The cost of the project sign is a reimbursable project cost and should be included in the materials category for the project budget.

Environmental Protection Fund Project Sign Specifications

Size: Horizontal format - 48" wide by 24" high.

Example of EPF project sign
Example of an EPF project sign

Construction Materials: Aluminum blank sign boards with vinyl sheeting.

Inserts: "Project Name," "Local Project Sponsor" indicate position, size and topography

for specific project names and sponsor to be inserted.

Color Scheme:



  • Water Quality Improvement Project: PMS 3005 C
  • Environmental Protection Fund: PMS 3005 C
  • Project Name/Local Project Sponsor: PMS 350 C

Type Specifications: All type is Arial 540, with the exception of the logo type. Format is: center each line of copy with small caps and initial caps.

Production Notes: 48" wide x 24" high aluminum blanks will be covered with vinyl sheeting to achieve background color. Copy and logo will be silk screened on this surface.

Time Period: From start of Construction until 90 days after closeout of the project.

Grant recipients must provide a project name, the local project sponsor to be inserted on the sign.