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Vulume 65, Number 2

October, 2010

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An owl flying

"Hoo's" in the City?

Owls that call New York City home

by Robert DeCandido, PhD and Deborah Allen

page 2

Red and yellow leaves in dappled sunlight

Colors of Fall

Autumn at Prospect Mountain

by Bernadette LaManna

page 8

A ruffed grouse in the woods on a log.

Fading Drums

Studying effects of hunting on ruffed grouse populations

by Megan Skrip

page 12

The metal clip at the end of a turkey tag

Mystery Marker

Discovery of a curious green streamer

by Dave Nelson and Tom Sutter

page 17

An aerial photo of oil within containment booms

Operation Deepwater Horizon

ECO's journal from working in the Gulf Oil Spill

by Mike St. Jeanos

page 18

Two men standing at the edge of a forest in the Adirondacks

Journey to a Future Climate

Exploring climate change in the Adirondacks

by David W. Wolfe, PhD

page 24



by Jenna Kerwin and Eileen Stegemann

page 28


includes feature: "Ask the Biologist"

by Eileen Stegemann and Jenna Kerwin

Back Trails

Perspectives on People and Nature

by Louis Avosso

page 32