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Grassland LIP Project Sites and Accomplishments

Landowner and DEC Biologist in a Protected Grassland

Starting in 2008, 22 landowners have been managing 2,295 acres of grasslands for the benefit of grassland birds through the Landowner Incentive Program. Program participants have been mowing a portion of their fields every year, clearing shrubs and trees, and controlling invasive species. They have been careful not to disturb birds during the April to August nesting season. Management is typically conducted late in summer or early in the fall, after birds have fledged and departed, but before forbs like goldenrod have gone to seed and before snow starts to fly! Research by Audubon New York has shown that these managed lands have nearly six times the number of breeding Bobolinks than fields not entered into the program. Additionally, fields not entered into a conservation and management program do not remain in a condition suitable for grassland birds.

Landowner Incentive Program Grassland Project Sites Map