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Process for Successful WQIP Applicants

WQIP Rounds 12 & 13

All NYS agencies are now required to use the NYS Grants Gateway to execute grant contracts. A Grantee Quick Start Guide is available on the NYS Grants Reform website. It is important that designated and authorized staff from your organization become familiar with the Grants Gateway functions.

To facilitate entering workplan and budget information into the Grants Gateway, awardees are encouraged to first complete the workplan and budget worksheets off-line and to coordinate with their respective Division of Water regional offices.

Other required documents, including Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Utilization Plans, Insurance documents and Non-point Source Pollutant Load Reduction Estimate Reports, can be uploaded directly into your Grantee Document folder in the Grants Gateway.

The expected time to complete contract development is forty-five days. The expected time to fully execute the contract is an additional thirty-five days. Please refer to the Water Quality Improvement Program (WQIP) ROUND 13 Checklist (PDF, 56 kB) - a printable checklist of documents needed for WQIP contract execution.

WQIP Rounds 1-11

Water Quality Improvement Program (WQIP) Checklist (PDF, 158.4 kB) - A printable checklist of documents needed for WQIP contract execution.

This chart should be used as a guide by grant recipients (WQIP Rounds 1-11), to help with the contracting process. It should take 8-12 months to execute a contract with DEC for WQIP funds. The timeline begins once you, the grant recipient, receive a letter from DEC explaining the steps needed for completing the contract process and you accept the grant award.

Duration and steps to execute a WQIP contract with DEC
Timeframe Schedule Activities
Month 1-3 Within 90 days of receiving a letter from DEC Grant Recipient submits Attachment C - Work Plan, Attachment B-1 - Expenditure Based Budget and other supporting documents to DEC staff. DEC staff is available to answer questions and assist you in the work plan development phase.
  • Prepare the work plan and budget according to the timeline.
  • Provide an original, signed Municipal Resolution.
  • Complete the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR).
  • Provide the Department with proof of Workers' Compensation Benefits.
  • Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire, if applicable.
  • Submit work plan, budget and supporting documentation to DEC staff.
Month 2-4
Within 30 days from submittal of workplan DEC completes review of project work plan
  • Regional and Central Office staff complete technical and administrative reviews.
  • The length of this review period is determined by the necessity for any revisions and subsequent review and approval of them.
Month 3-5 Within 30 days from approval of workplan DEC prepares contract
  • DEC sends a proposed contract to the recipient.
Month 4-6 Within 30 days from grant recipient's receipt of proposed contract Grant Recipient returns signed contract
  • Return the signed contract to the Central Office staff member who sent the contract to you.

Month 8-12

Within 120 days of receipt of the grant recipient's signed contract Contract is executed
  • DEC routes the contract through the DEC for approval.
  • DEC forwards the contract to the State Attorney General's and Comptroller's offices for execution.
  • Grant Recipient receives a copy of the executed contract when the Comptroller's office approves the contract.
  • Funding reimbursement can begin. For some grants, a 25% advance will be processed for the grant recipient.