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Species Potentially Benefited by Bog Turtle Habitat

The list of species that could potentially benefit through the Bog Turtle Habitat Protection Program.

At-Risk Species
Name State Listing Federal Listing Natural Heritage
Program Status
Blanding's Turtle Threatened S2S3
Bog Turtle Endangered Threatened S2
Eastern Spadefoot Special Concern S2S3
Longtail Salamander Special Concern S2S3
Northern Cricket Frog Endangered S1
Southern Leopard Frog Special Concern S1S2
Timber Rattlesnake Threatened S3
Worm Snake Special Concern S2
American Waterwort Endangered S1
Angled Spikerush Endangered S1
Awned Sedge Endangered S3
BeakGrass Endangered S2
Blunt-Lobe Grape Fern Endangered S2S3
Blunt Spikerush Endangered S1S2
Button-Bush Dodder Endangered S1
Cloud Sedge Endangered S1
Dragon's Mouth Orchid Threatened S2
Dwarf Huckleberry Endangered S1S2
False-Daisy Endangered S1
Frank's Sedge Endangered S1
Georga Bulrush Endangered S1
Glaucous Sedge Endangered S2S3
Green Parrot's Feather Endangered S1
Gypsy-Wart Endangered S1
Husk Tomato Endangered S1
Hyssop-Skullcap Endangered S1
Large Twayblade Endangered S1
Marsh Valerian Endangered S1S2
Rough Avens Endangered S2
Scarlet Indian-Paintbrush Endangered S1
Smartweed Dodder Endangered S1
Southern Dodder Endangered S1
Straw Sedge Endangered S1
Swamp Buttercup Endangered S1
Swollen Bladderwort Endangered S2
Weak Rush Endangered S1
Woodland Rush Endangered S1

Natural Heritage Program Status:

  • S1 Critically imperiled in New York State because of extreme rarity (often 5 or fewer occurrences) or because of some factor(s) such as very steep declines making it especially vulnerable to extirpation.
  • S2 Typically 6 to 20 occurrences; few remaining individuals, acres, or miles of stream, or factors demonstrably making it very vulnerable in New York State.
  • S3 Typically 21 to 100 occurrences; limited acreage or miles of stream in New York State.
  • S4 Apparently secure in New York State.
  • S5 Demonstrably secure in New York State.

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