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Volume 63, Number 2

October, 2008

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Paul Schaefer rocking on the front porch of his Adirondack cabin in 1996

Defender of the Wilderness

Paul Schaefer - an American and Adirondack Original

by Dave Gibson and Ken Rimany

page 2

Cornell Univeristy's innovative Lake Source Cooling System

Green U

New York State Colleges Share a Common School Color

by Shannon Brescher Shea

page 8

Young girl participating in after-school conservation club

Urban Growth

City Kids Discover Their Green Thumbs

by Angie Eddy

page 12

Male and female mallard

The Mallard

by Eileen Stegemann and Bryan Swift. Art by Jean Gawalt

page 15

Close-up of an aster with a yellow center and blue petals

The Aster

by Barbara Nuffer

page 19

A standard poodle retrieves a duck from the water

Showing Their Ruff Side

New York Hunters Discover Some Unusual Gundog Breeds

by Elaine Bloom and Colleen Kimble

page 20


On Patrol

by ECO Lt. Ken Didion and Forest Ranger Lt. John Solan

page 27


includes section "Ask the Biologist"

page 28

Letters and Reviews

page 30

Back Trails

Nature's Irony

by David Nelson

page 32